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PortaMove's portable trailers are the right choice when you have a whole household or large amount of stuff to store.  This option is most popular for clients who are performing renovations to their home or staging a home for real estate purposes.


How It Works:

  1. You call us to reserve your trailer.
  2. Once you pick a date, we drop off the trailer at your location. (Proper space required).
  3. Take as much time as you need to load the trailer and hold your items.
  4. Once you have it unloaded, we will come remove it from your property.
  5. We can even transport it to your new house or another location if you wish!


Benefits of Using a Rental Trailer:

  • Ample Storage Space: Trailers can easily store the contents of a large single family home. They often have extra space for moving items around within the trailer. One trailer does the work of  several self-storage containers.
  • Integrity and Security:  The trailers are strong and durable and can withstand all elements of mother nature. The airtight doors can also be secured with a heavy duty locking system.
  • Commercial Uses: Businesses, universities, traveling artists and other clients prefer the use of trailers for their large or unique items they need to store or transport.

Trailer Rentals- Portable Storage

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